Saturday, May 3, 2014

Wonderful Wishlist Link-Up!

Hi Friends,

Well it's not a secret any more, TPT's giving us a great present for Teacher Appreciation Week- a sitewide sale!!!  Yippee!!

A few of my blogger friends and I are sharing fun products in this fun Wonderful Wishlist Link-Up!

So read on to find out about some of my favorite TPT products!

First up is a product that is actually not on my wishlist anymore- It's one that I already own and have started using with my class!!  It's the Spring set of Reader's Theater plays from A Teeny Tiny Teacher!  Let me tell you, my kids love doing these plays!!  They've had such a blast performing for each other and it's really helping with our reading fluency and expression!

Second up is an amazing writing resource from Fantastic First Grade Froggies, it's her Writing Center Tools!  This product contains all of her word lists compiled from her other Writing Center products.  These will make an amazing addition to our table baskets, which will be just perfect so my students have access to these words whenever they need them!!

Last, but certainly not least is this awesome Compound Words Set from Whimsy Clips!  This will just keep feeding my clip art addiction!!  I love everything from Whimsy Clips, don't you?  So cute!

I'd also love to show you a product or two from my store!  As the year is starting to wind down (25 days left for us!) I love to use my All About Me Math with my class!  It is a really fun project that my kiddos always love!!  You can grab it during the sale for 28% off!!
There is a worksheet for students to fill out with all sorts of facts about themselves that relate to math.  They list the number of teeth they've lost, how many pets they have and even write an addition sentence with the number of boys and girls in their families!  The worksheets look great hanging out in the hall!

Students can then use the worksheet to help them create and All About Me poster!  They take the facts they wrote and turn them into an adorable poster!  Perfect for Open House displays, All About Me units at the beginning of new school years or just a fun activity to get your students excited about math!

Here are some of the cute posters-
 Click HERE to view this product in my store!

I also just posted a brand new math product called Number Sense Activity Pages.  My students really enjoy using these pages and I know yours will, too!

You can download one free sheet by clicking right HERE.  Try it out with your class on Monday and then it'll be 28% off on Tuesday!!

 Click HERE to view this new product in my store!

Don't forget to always check the My Purchases section on your TPT dashboard!  It's there that you can make sure you've left feedback on all of your purchases to get credits for the future, and it's also there that you find updates to products you have already bought!!

Be sure to check out all these other great posts- I know I'm going to go see if I need to add anything else to my wishlist!

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  1. Hi Katie,

    I think your Me Math thing is such a great idea! I may try something similar with older kids! Thank you for sharing! ( I couldn't comment with my wordpress address for some reason)?