Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day cards

Hi Friends,

Just popping in to share what we did this week to create special Mother's Day cards.  I know Mother's Day is tomorrow and you've already created something fabulous with your class, but I thought ours came out awfully cute and I want to share pictures!!

The bulk of the card involved writing about our moms.  I made some little fill in the blank circles for everyone and we worked on those a little each day on Thursday and Friday.

 The things that my kids wrote were so sweet and funny- I was cracking up inside as they came to read them to me!

Once they were done with their writing, each of my kids got to make a folded card that tied in the front.  They cut their own hearts and then we glued yarn underneath them and let them dry while we were at PE.  The last step was to glue the writing inside and decorate!  I loved the way they came out!!

I love how unique they all are and how special they all turned out!!  What are your favorite crafts and activities for Mother's Day?

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