Monday, June 30, 2014

Jiggle Free July!!

Hi Friends!! 

I really hope you've been entering my giveaways each day this week- there are some AMAZING products from some AMAZING teacher-authors!  Really, I have been blown away as I've been highlighting some of their products on my Facebook page this week!

I'm here to post about something a little different today.  I'm excited to share the calendar for our next Instagram fitness and healthy eating challenge- Jiggle Free July!!

If you joined us for #nojigglejune, you know how much fun it was and how inspirational it was to see everyone's pictures!!  I hope you'll join us again (or even for the first time) for #jigglefreejuly!!!

Woo hoo!!  It's going to be great!! 

I'm @KTPonTPT on Instagram- come find me!  :)

Day 4 of my 30th Birthday Bash!!

Ready for another day of giveaways?!?  I know I am!!  I've got 8 more amazingly talented TPTers who are offering $10 to their store for you!
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Two more days of birthday celebrations left- woo hoo!!
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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Day 3 of my 30th Birthday Bash!

Time for Day 3!  More chances to win some awesome TPT products!!  Check it out-
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This giveaway runs until July 2.

Check out these amazing TPT stores here-
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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Day 2 of my 30th Birthday Bash!!

It's time for another great prize pack today!!  Take a look at these awesome stores and decide what you want to win!!  Each of these awesome ladies has offered a winner's choice of $10 or less in their store!!  Awesome!
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Be sure to come back tomorrow for some more birthday fun!!
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Friday, June 27, 2014

Day 1 of my 30th Birthday Bash!

Day 1 of my Birthday Bash is here!!  Yay!

Today you have the chance to score some awesome products from some truly awesome TPTers!!

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Monday, June 23, 2014

My 30th Birthday Bash!!

Hi Friends!!  I hope you are enjoying your summer as much as I am!!

I'll be celebrating my 30th birthday on July 2nd and what better way to celebrate than with 6 days of giveaways!!

I have the most amazing TPT blogger friends that are going to be a part of my giveaway and you will be so excited to win these prizes!!  Each day there will be a chance for you to win $10 from 8 different stores.  That's $80 every day!!  On my actual birthday, I will have a HUGE grand prize that you do not want to miss!!!

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Stay tuned for more info, including blog posts with the Rafflecopters to enter the giveaways!!

Make sure you are following my Facebook page for updates!!  It's going to be great!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer Reading List

Well, seeing as it's my first official day of SUMMER(!!!) I thought I'd share my summer reading list.   I love to read and I love being able to read every night before bed!  I also love my Kindle!  I got it a few Christmases ago and I have to admit, it's pretty cool.  I still love "real" books and thought it would be weird to read on the Kindle, but I'm totally hooked now.  Plus my local public library has a downloadables section, so I can check out Kindle books whenever I want to!

First on my list is Harry Potter!!  I was in middle school when they came out and I quickly read the first two, but then never finished the series!  I was in London when the 3rd movie came out, but that's as far as I got.  I'm going to see how many I can read this summer!

I'm a big fan of reading books before seeing the movies, so you can probably guess which ones are on my holds list at the library!

I don't think The Fault in Our Stars or Divergent will make it on my Kindle by the end of the summer, but we'll see!!  :)  I've already read the three Hunger Games books, but I want to read them again!!

And of course there's a teacher book on my list!  This is in my cart at Amazon, just can't decide between the real book or Kindle version.  For classroom books, I usually like to have the real book, so we'll see what I decide!!

I also want to share my three most recent reads, because they were all great!!  I would recommend them if you haven't read them yet!!

If you want to share your reading list, be sure to link up with Marie over at The Hands-On Teacher in First!
The Hands-On Teacher in First

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

End of the year presents!

Hey Friends,

Are you still in school?  We are!!  Friday is our last day with kiddos, but then we have to come back on Monday for all day math training and Tuesday to clean and check out of our classrooms.  Tell me, who would be excited about a full day math training the day before SUMMER STARTS?!?  Not this girl!

Anyway...just wanted to share what I did for end of the year presents for my students.  They turned out pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself!

I started with letters from Hobby Lobby.  I waited until they went to 50% off (which happens almost twice a month) and bought the first letter for each of my students' names.  (They were $2.99 each full price.)

On Tuesday, we started working on our class compliments.  I used this AWESOME freebie from the awesome Blair Turner and I would highly recommend checking her out!  I shrunk down the compliment cards so that I could fit more on each sheet and gave each student two sheets.  They wrote their own name on them and then cut them apart.  After that, talked about what giving a compliment means and brainstormed all kinds of nice things we could say to each other.  I passed the compliment cards out to everyone and they got started!

They wrote some super sweet things!  Yes, I am nosy and yes, I read them all!  I shared more of them (especially the funny ones) on my Facebook page, if you want to check them out.  Here's a few-

I really loved them all!!

Today I showed them their initial and they got really excited!  I passed out Sharpie markers and had half of them roam around signing their name, while the other half worked on some math.  I also let them stick on their little Lifetouch sticky picture from picture day!

We also decorated envelopes to keep our compliments in.
At the end of the day today, I tied the envelopes to the initials and sent them home!  I really hope that they hang them up at home and enjoy looking at them all summer!!

Tomorrow's a half day and we're going to spend it CLEANING!  We will take everything out of our desks, yank off our name tags and wipe everything down!  Then Friday is a full day of school for our last day of the year!  We'll have a pizza party for lunch and probably end the day with a little Just Dance dance party in our boxed up, empty classroom!!  Woo hoo!!

Do you do anything special for the end of the year?  I'd love to hear about it!