Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer Reading List

Well, seeing as it's my first official day of SUMMER(!!!) I thought I'd share my summer reading list.   I love to read and I love being able to read every night before bed!  I also love my Kindle!  I got it a few Christmases ago and I have to admit, it's pretty cool.  I still love "real" books and thought it would be weird to read on the Kindle, but I'm totally hooked now.  Plus my local public library has a downloadables section, so I can check out Kindle books whenever I want to!

First on my list is Harry Potter!!  I was in middle school when they came out and I quickly read the first two, but then never finished the series!  I was in London when the 3rd movie came out, but that's as far as I got.  I'm going to see how many I can read this summer!

I'm a big fan of reading books before seeing the movies, so you can probably guess which ones are on my holds list at the library!

I don't think The Fault in Our Stars or Divergent will make it on my Kindle by the end of the summer, but we'll see!!  :)  I've already read the three Hunger Games books, but I want to read them again!!

And of course there's a teacher book on my list!  This is in my cart at Amazon, just can't decide between the real book or Kindle version.  For classroom books, I usually like to have the real book, so we'll see what I decide!!

I also want to share my three most recent reads, because they were all great!!  I would recommend them if you haven't read them yet!!

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