Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentine's Day + Friday + Full Moon = tired teachers!!

Happy Sunday, Friends!!

I posted this image on my FB page yesterday and it got a lot of reaction out there in cyber-land!!

It should definitely make for an interesting week ahead!!  A lot of you also told me that Friday is your 100th Day, to make matters even crazier!!!  Yikes!!  (And some of you lucky ducks have a holiday or staff development on Friday!!)  Our 100th Day is Wednesday, so hopefully that'll help spread out the madness!

We have a 100th Day parade each year at our school and it's mostly for Pre-K and Kinder, but occasionally us first graders will participate as well.  I like to do lots of 100th Day activities in the classroom as well.  I have a freebie for writing 100 words in my store that we do every year.  I've done different things with it over the years, but it's always been a lot of fun!

Two years ago, we made a giant grid of our words.  The kids each made their own and then we picked a few from each category and wrote them on paper to add to our giant grid.  It was a lot of fun!  (Please excuse the picture quality, this is pre-iPhone and taken off of my classroom blog from 2012!)

Then last year, after the kids each made their list of 100 words, I let them make them into crowns!  It was a lot of writing for some of them, but the crowns came out super cute when they were done!!

(They wrote the words on the strips and the name of each category on the squares, it's a little hard to tell since they are so floppy!!)

I just thought I would pop in and share some cute things I've been finding on Pinterest for both the 100th Day and for Valentine's.

This blog post has a ton of cute ideas, including these 100s that her students decorated and hung up around the school.

This post also has some great ideas as well.

Some awesome bloggers have their own 100th Day boards on Pinterest that are definitely worth checking out!  Just click on their names to hop over to their boards!

100 is a Magic Number
Erika Bohrer
Crayons and Curls
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Time 4 Kindergarten
Kindergarten Lifestyle

For Valentine's this year, we've been asked to keep our parties small and at the end of the day, so I don't have too much excitement planned.  We're going to make this cute writing craftivity I found, pass out cards and then right before I send the kids home, I'll let them eat all the sugary treats they brought!!  There are plenty of cute things I wish I could do, though!

Making something like this would be simple and fun.

I've also always wanted to make these crayons, but never taken the time to search for a heart cookie pan!!

How cute is this guy??
Here are a few Valentine's boards that are definitely chock-full of great ideas!!

Valentine's Day in the Classroom
Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day School Crafts
V-Day School Crafts

What does your week look like?  I'd love to hear from you!  I know we're all counting down the hours until Friday is OVER!!  :)

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