Thursday, January 9, 2014

Fun at the Science Fair!

Today was our school's Science Fair!  At our school, the 5th graders do individual and group projects and the younger grades typically do class projects.  Is it similar at your school?

We did our experiment yesterday (how's that for last minute??) and we did the old stand-by...Sink and Float!

Tuesday was our first day back from break, so we watched a couple Brain Pop Jr videos about the Scientific Method and Science Projects to get us started.  We talked about the key steps to the Scientific Method and concentrated mostly on the vocabulary words of hypothesis and conclusion.

I asked my kiddos to each bring in a small object on Wednesday so that we could do our experiment together.  We sat together on the carpet and each student got to write the name of their object and their hypothesis on our data sheet before they set their object in the water.

 They had a lot of fun and we were able to come up with some good conclusions about the materials of each object and how that affected whether it would sink or float.

Today we visited the Science Fair in the 5th grade pod and had a lot of fun exploring the projects!  We had a little work to do as well, writing about our favorite project and listing what we learned from it and what we might do differently if we did the same project.

Here's the wall of 1st grade projects, along with a close up of our poster.

There were a few 5th graders in the pod when we got there, and one of my former students was excited to tell us all about her project!!  Such a cool moment!

When do you have your Science Fair?  Is it a big ordeal or pretty low key like ours?

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