Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sharing an AMAZING resource for teachers plus a shape freebie from me!

Hello Friends!

Whew!  It has been a long week!  We finally hired a 6th teacher for our grade level and Wednesday was the first day for the new class to start.  It's been crazy trying to get everything ready for the new class/classroom and the new teacher, but it has been so nice to be down to a normal class size in my own room!!  I went from 28 kiddos to 21, so that was a huge drop!  My room sounds all echo-y (probably not a real word) now and we finally have room to walk around the desks without bumping into each other!  It was a "fun" 6 weeks with a ridiculously long line of first graders everywhere we went but I am happy to say that we all fit on the carpet now!!  With all the craziness of moving desks to new rooms and rearranging my classroom, I forgot to take any pictures of our week.  :(  We had a lot of fun with shapes, though, and even went on a Shape Walk to find 2D shapes around the school.  I'm super bummed that I don't have pictures of how excited my kids were when we went out looking for shapes!!  They were adorable with their clip boards and had a blast on our walk.  I'll be happy share the shape walk page I made, along with a shape sheet we glued into our math journals, just click here to download it!

Anyway, the real reason I'm blogging today is to tell you about an AMAZING site/person who is helping teachers across the globe!  The wonderfully generous Laura Candler started a Donors Choose giving page called Caring Classrooms.  (If you haven't heard of Donors Choose, it is a website where teachers can create and submit projects in order to ask for donations for their classrooms.  It is an amazing way to bring technology, literacy, resources and so much more to classrooms that might not otherwise have access to those items.  Definitely worth checking out to donate to other teachers and even submit a project of your own!)

Click on the picture to visit Caring Classrooms!!

So back to Caring Classrooms- Laura and her colleague Francie run the giving page and keep 10 projects up at a time.  That's where donors can read about the currently posted projects and donate to any or all as they see fit!  Even a dollar donation is ok- every little bit helps!!  They also have a Facebook page where they do a fun feature called Fund-Day Sunday.  Teachers with projects on Donors Choose can link up to the Fund-Day Sunday post each week.   They can explain their project after they donate to at least one current project.  Once a spot opens up, Laura and Francie choose another one from that post to go up in it's place.  It is an amazing network of teachers helping other teachers and the page has currently raised over $14,000 for classroom resources!!

I hope you will click on over to visit Caring Classrooms and see the awesome generosity for yourself!!  And if you've got a project of your own, why don't you try linking up with this week's Fund-Day Sunday?!  Can't hurt to try, right?

Caring Classrooms giving page
Caring Classrooms on Facebook
Caring Classrooms on Laura's Corkboard Connections blog

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