Friday, October 11, 2013

Five for Friday!

Hello Friends!!!  Are you as excited as I am that it's FRIDAY?!?!  Woo hoo!

I hope you had a good week this week!  The weather is finally cooling off down here in Texas and our 1:35 recess was actually bearable and enjoyable this week.  We also had a training day on Monday with an hour and a half lunch- which we enjoyed on the patio of a local restaurant!  I'm loving this cooler weather!!

Anyway, I'm glad to be linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching again for Five for are my random pictures from this week, and I really do mean random!!  :)

I love switching out my calendar at home each month (even though I'm always a few days late)!  I love this calendar from Dana Heacock and have used hers ever since college!  A family I nannied for had it in their kitchen and I just loved it, so now I get a new one every year!

This will give you a little clue about how busy everyone at our school is this year!!  In August, I made new alphabet cards to hang in my room and just now had the time to print and laminate them!!!  With trainings, meetings, huge class sizes and everything else thrown on a teacher's plate- I just haven't had two seconds to get these printed!  I still have my boring one up that came with our reading curriculum, we'll see how long it takes me to get these stapled up there!!

On Wednesday night we went to see ZZ Top!  They were so awesome!!  This is actually the second time we've seen them and they are just so energetic, it's crazy!  I hope I can move like that when I'm their age!! 

If you don't know those two faces on the screen- you are missing out!!!  It's Annie and Moby from Brain Pop Jr.!!!  I seriously love those videos and so do my students.  There are videos on a huge variety of topics- bullying...Pablo Picasso...washing your hands...colors...tally marks- anything!  There's also a version for older grades that is just called Brain Pop.  Luckily, our district pays for the subscription, but I really do use the videos on a weekly basis!

I plugged in my very first Scentsy warmer today and wow, my classroom smelled Ah-maz-ing!!  I used Autumn Sunset today and I also have Cinnamon Bear to try next!!  I loooove cinnamon and anything that smells like fall!!  And now it can smell like fall all year round!!  Yes!

I do hope everyone had a great week and has an even better weekend!  We don't get Monday off, so I don't have a three day weekend like a lot of you do!!  So sad...oh well!  And speaking of sad, I'm about to watch the Finn episode of Glee on my DVR.  I need to go get the tissues ready!!

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  1. So many awesome things in your 5! So, Brain Pop is awesome! Scentsy is ah-mazing! And (According to my husband) ZZ Top is really, really great! What an awesome week!