Saturday, November 2, 2013

TGIF's Schedule Linky!

Sweet Susan from TGIF is having a fun linky to share your daily schedule!
I am always AMAZED at how different schedules can be from school to school and state to state!!  I've read about people having more than one recess in the day- wow!  I also know teachers who don't have duty free lunch or who have to teach Specials themselves; it's just amazing how different everything is!! 

We get duty free lunch, but we take our kids to recess and stay with them the whole time.  It's actually a nice break to be outside, so I don't mind it at all.  We also get Specials every day and that is when our planning period takes place.  The lower elementary classes go to PE three times a week, and Music and Art once a week.  At our school, the 3rd-5th grades add Technology into their Specials rotation.

We have Library once a week, 30 minutes during a story and check out week and 15 minutes when it's just a check out week.  We also go to Technology every other week for 30 minutes.

We have a few extra duties- morning duty, dismissal duty and tutoring duty.  They are all on a rotational basis.  If it's my morning duty week, I have to monitor the PK-1st students in the cafeteria for the week, starting at 7:10.  It's only about 7 times a year, but I don't really like being out of my room for those minutes before class starts.  I like to take that time to check email or get ready for the day.  We rotate between dismissal duty and tutoring duty, as well.  Dismissal duty is just being outside with the pick-ups until 3:05 or so and tutoring duty is monitoring the older kids until they start their tutoring groups at 3:30.

Here's my schedule for this year-

I've only re-arranged it three times so far this year, but this way seems to be working the best for now.

I would love to hear about your schedule!!  Do you have more than one recess a day?  Do you have to teach your own Specials?  Leave me a comment and fill me in!!

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  1. I just joined Susan's LINKY too! I loved reading about your day and I am your newest follower :) I absolutely LOVE your blog design...the colors and the CHEVRON are my favorite! Also Christi designed my blog too!
    Take care,
    from Well, Michelle?

    1. Hey Michelle! I'm so glad you found me! I'm your newest follower as well! Thanks for your sweet comments about the blog design- purple and turquoise were our wedding colors three years ago and I still love them! Christi did an amazing job!

      p.s. I'm totally jealous of your 9:20 start time!!!
      Katie :)

  2. What a great linky! Love seeing everyone's schedule! Thanks for sharing yours!

    Sticky Notes & Glitter: A Second Grade Adventure!

  3. Thanks for linking up!! You said you re-arranged it... do you get to choose your schedule?! I am jealous if you can - at both of my schools, my principal had block scheduling for us to follow!



    1. Hey Susan! Yes, the only thing set by our admin is Specials and lunch! We can decide everything else!! They like each grade level to be doing about the same thing at the about same time, but other than that, they aren't super picky.

      Thanks for setting up this fun linky!
      Katie :)

  4. I joined in on this linky, too. It is so interesting seeing everyone's schedule. Like you, I don't enjoy being on duty. It is so hard to get a good start to a day that already begins abnormally.

    Searching for Teacher Balance