Saturday, January 14, 2017

Dusting off the old blog...with FOUR math freebies!!!

Hey Friends!!

Well, we will just pretend that it hasn't been over a year since I've blogged...oops!  :)  Having a kiddo around changes things!  For the better of course!!  I can't believe that kiddo is going to be TWO next month; that just blows my mind.  What a crazy and amazing two years it's been.  There really is no other better thing than to be a mama.  It's the hardest and best thing I've ever done and I know I'm barely getting started!

So this school year, I have a new position.  Still at my same school, with my same principal that I love, but now I am doing Intervention and Instructional Coaching for K-2.  It's really the perfect position for me.  All of my ten years have been in K-2 and I really love the learning that goes on in those years, and understand how vital they are for success later in school.  I pull a small group from Kinder, a small group from First Grade and a small group from Second Grade.  When I am not pulling groups, I am in classrooms working with kids, helping my teachers, leading PLCs, making center games for my teachers, oh and let's not forget about Lunch Duty.  How I love Lunch Duty!  :(  Getting to sit in the quiet teachers lounge during lunch is definitely a nice perk that our teachers get on a daily basis!!

Anyway, I wanted to share a few things I have made for my teachers this year.  I really hope that you are able to use these in your classrooms.  Please leave me a comment if you do!  I'll give you a little blurb about each one and then all you have to do is click the picture to download the freebie!!

First up is a Counting Back freebie for Kindergarten.  My teachers asked for a simple way for their kiddos to practice counting back from 20.

You can have your kiddos cut and paste (number squares are included) or you can laminate the blank pages and have them write in the numbers with a dry erase marker.
Either way is a simple way to practice this important math skill!

I also made the same type of activity for my First Grade teachers, only with higher numbers.  They cut the pages into strips, almost like task cards and put them in a center with dry erase markers.  There are two versions, Counting Back from 100 and Counting Back from 120.  Check them both out by clicking on the pictures below!
My last freebie contains twelve puzzles made from 100 and 120 charts.  My Kindergarten teachers are working on identifying numbers to 100, along with numbers that come before and after.  My First Grade and Second Grade teachers are always looking for math center games that help build number sense!  For this one, you just need to print them on different color card stock, laminate, and cut along the darker black lines.

Again, I really hope these freebies come in handy in your classroom!!  Let me know what other math skills you are working on in the comments.

Also, be sure to check out all of my math games and other resources in my TPT store!

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