Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sweet Sweet Summer!!

Well, I haven't blogged since February 14th and there's a good reason for that!  Our son was born on February 25th!!  I'm a mommy now!  It's exactly like everyone says; it's the hardest thing you'll ever do, but the best thing you'll ever do!!  It is unbelievable how much we love our little man and how much he's grown in the past 3 months.

I was blessed to be on maternity leave for 13 weeks and only went back for the last 6 days of school.  My long term sub was great and my team was amazing- they all took great care of my kids while I was out.  My class was super sweet when I went back to work- they had made me cards and told me all kinds of stories about what I had missed in the classroom!

They even had a countdown to the day I was scheduled to return!  So sweet.

We made it through the last 6 days of school and packed up the classroom for the summer!  It's always so much work, but its a good way to purge a little as I'm loading up the boxes.

I loved my 2nd grade team this year and I'm sad because not everyone is coming back to 2nd grade next year.  Some are moving by choice and others have been moved by admin- since we were a strong team, they want to spread it out to other grade levels.  Not really an ideal situation and we're a little sad about it still.

I am super excited that it's summer and our first one as a family of three!!  We have lots of fun things planned- weddings, concerts, family visits, road trips and hopefully lots of pool time!

Anyway, hope to get back to blogging a bit more often, but we'll see how that goes!!

How was your last week of school?  What do you have planned for the summer?  Would love to hear from you!!

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