Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ziggie Tales book review!!


I am so excited to share about a brand new children's book by Kathleen Wainwright!!  The book is called Ziggie Tales: Ziggie's Big Adventure and it just came out on Monday!  I have already read it myself and I really enjoyed it!!

It is a great book and I have a lot of fun things to share about the book!  You'll want to hear all about it, because I have a freebie to go with it, along with a giveaway for a free copy of the book!

Ziggie is an orange cat, with zigzagged stripes on his back.  He lives with his owner, Marley, an adventure-loving 7 year old.  Ziggie wants to go on an adventure himself, but finds that his adventure was a little more than he bargained for!

I know that kids will love to read this book!  It's a short chapter book and would actually make a perfect read aloud in any primary classroom.  It would be a great independent read for kiddos maybe 2nd grade or higher.

This book really lends itself to some great activities for literacy practice in the classroom.  It would be fun to compare and contrast some of the characters.  You could give your kids a Venn Diagram sheet to compare the two girls, Marley and Layla.  They could also compare Ziggie to a cat or pet that they have at home.  I really like how Kathleen gives us a peek at life through Ziggie's point of view.  It would be a lot of fun for a class to think about it other animals often feel the way Ziggie does, animals who wish they could go on adventures of their own!  It would also be a great book to use for learning about the sequence of events.  There is a clear problem and solution in this book, and it would be great for discussions with your class.  Kathleen even created a sequencing activity and she's letting me give it to you for FREE!  How awesome is that?

Click HERE to download the sequencing freebie!

I do hope you'll check out the book, I definitely recommend it.  Visit Kathleen's website for more information.

Here's the link to the Rafflecopter!  Go enter to win your own copy of Ziggie Tales!
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